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At Siyasizana Shuttle, health and safety of our passengers and employees is a top priority, and hence, we took the decision not to operate during level 4 & 5 lockdown despite numerous enquiries received during this period.

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With the economy reopening, we would like to assure you we have taken every precautionary measure to combat COVID-19 as it relates to our services. We want you to know that we consider your safety paramount to the success of our operation; we care about your health and safety above all else. For more information on COVID-19, please visit the South African Corona Virus Resource Portal


Our employees are versed with COVID-19 guidelines to reduce the spread of the epidemic. If any of our employees become affected by COVID-19, we have a notification process in place and will reach out to you immediately to inform you of any possible situation. We would also ask that you inform us if any of your group members are subsequently affected within 14 days of travel so that we can take precautionary measures.

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Level 3 regulations permit for a loading(seating) capacity of

  • not more 50% of maximum capacity on all sedan vehicles
  • not more than 50% for vehicles with 7-10 passengers seating capacity
  • not more than 70% of maximum capacity for mini and midibus vehicles
  • not more than 50% of maximum capacity for buses and coaches


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The Department of Transport regulations direct us to clean and disinfect surfaces to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In response, we are making use of disinfectant to wipe and spray onto surfaces, vehicles doors and window handles, arm rest and handrails to kill germs, including COVID-19. We are cleaning every interior surface of our vehicles, including hard and soft fabric areas, before and after every trip. On trips, we provide hygiene dispenser for the washing of hands and disinfection equipment except for passenger face mask. We encourage passengers to hand sanitize on entry / exit of vehicle and wear their face mask whilst in the vehicle.

Our commitment

We are convinced, you will have a safe and enjoyable journey with Siyasizana Shuttle. Should you have any questions regarding your trip please reach out to us so we can work with you on any individual specific requirements.

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